Single-payer healthcare has been a dream goal for many years. As a working person, I have experienced inadequate coverage through my employers, and later as a freelancer having to forego any healthcare due to impossibly high premiums. When Senator Sanders announced he was introducing a Medicare-for-all bill in the Senate I was immediately energized by the possibility of healthcare being accessible to every American, across the USA, across economic strata. Medicare-for All might not benefit the billionaire insurance and pharmaceutical industry but it certainly benefits us.

I believe that a single-payer program will bring us closer in parity to the rest of the world and allow American businesses to better compete. A single-payer program will protect freelance and self-employed workers as well as the "working poor" - those who make too little to pay for private insurance but too much to benefit from programs like Medicaid - and members of the ever-dwindling middle class.

I believe healthcare to be a human right, not a commodity and we believe that a Single-Payer, Medicare-for-all system will allow our citizens to thrive.

Because of these beliefs, I am working to get the word out about Single-Payer programs and we feel that you are a key component. Pick up a t-shirt or a tote bag and get the rallying cry out there: single-payer benefits us. Not the billionaires.

 In solidarity